CS Tooling



We offer full injection mould design services based on a few different factors.

The main factors we use are mould flow analysis; projected part quantity requirements and moulding machine specifications. Mould flow analysis gives us information such as confidence of fill, part quality, fill time; air traps and weld lines. With that information, we can provide our customers with feedback to help optimise their products for mass production. It also gives us valuable information for planning runner systems, injection points/methods; part ejection position/methods; cooling circuits and venting.

mould manufacture

Our moulds are professionally built and supplied according to our customer’s individual needs.

Tool manufacture is done by using a die set and standardised component manufacturer. This method improves quality, workshop capacity and delivery consistency. It also allows customers to buy off the shelf items for maintenance during production. Our moulds are fitted with customer specific hydraulics, cooling distribution, mould information tags, mould paint and lifting provisions.


CS Tooling has the capability to administer and carry out full tool maintenance programs.

We can structure and plan a full maintenance program for our customers. This program includes keeping records of tool cycle numbers, maintenance schedules and requirements; breakdown history; engineering change history and CAD all while keeping track of production schedules so as not to cause delays. We carry out the required maintenance of injection moulds on site or at our workshop.

Engineering changes

We are capable of implementing engineering changes from new and old part CAD models. The tool CAD model is updated in house according to our customers’ needs. 

Once complete, the tool is modified to bring it in line with the new CAD model.

Mould repair

At CS Tooling, we understand that downtime in production is costly and disruptive.

We work hard to ensure minimal down time caused by mould breakdowns. We have TIG welding facilities to ensure fast repairs to damaged parts and are able to produce new lifters, gate inserts etc at the highest quality standards to ensure minimum time needed for blueing into the mould.